A love of Idaho cast in prose

Joe Meiners loves this land he calls home. And sometimes he puts that passion to prose for others to appreciate.

The Nezperce resident recently attended a public meeting about an ITD project and passed along his poem. He is a World War II veteran and an uncle of retired ITD employee Terry Meiners who worked for District 3 in Boise.

Idaho, The Place to Go

The young man searched for his land of dreams
with clean air and mountain streams.
Then he came upon beautiful Idaho
where the land is rich and rivers flow.
There he found acres of flowing grains
and green lush grass across the plains.
There were towering mountains capped with snow
and crisp clean air wherever you go.
In the south he found huge dairy farms
and arid places with its own charms.
He found Idaho to be diversified
so he knew his longings would be satisfied.
Now the young man invites the whole Nation
to come to Idaho to live or vacation.

May 14, 2012

Published 11-2-2012