When a plan comes together ... all is smooth
Traffic control on I-15, Pancheri a credit to ITD, ISP planning

The plan to keep traffic safe and moving worked like a charm.

District 6 slowed rather than reroute or stop night traffic on Interstate 15 to place girders for the new Pancheri Drive overpass south of Idaho Falls and to remove the old bridge adjacent to it.

Idaho State Police and ITD contractor pilot cars slowed traffic intermittently to 25 miles per hour or less between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., creating a recurring 20-minute gap in traffic so construction crews could work overhead without endangering motorists.

Traffic control included blocking on-ramps in the slow-down area until pilot vehicles had passed, and directing traffic on the on-ramps. District 6 informed the public of slowdowns by news releases and postings on the Idaho Traveler Services website (511.idaho.gov) and phone system (511).

News reports and 511 posts directed commercial drivers transporting permitted loads wider than 14 feet to contact the resident engineer at District 6 in Rigby 24 hours in advance for special authorization to pass through the construction zone.

The creative traffic control plan worked as planned, protecting and minimizing inconvenience for travelers while allowing construction to continue. The final slowdown was at 3 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 27.

Thanks go to D-6 designers, who conceived the plan, and construction staff of Residency A, that implemented it. A big thanks also to ISP for making officers available to work night shifts with ITD personnel.

Keeping motorists safe and moving, The district supports ITD missions of safety, mobility and economic opportunity and the department's strategic plan goals.

Published 11-2-2012