Outstanding Customer Service — an ITD hallmark

This is part of a continuing series of Transporter stories about individuals who provide Outstanding Customer Service to the department, state of Idaho and national transportation. The Transporter series emphasizes ITD's commitment to customer service at all levels, which is one of the fundamental principles of ITD's Strategic Plan.)

Untangling a cross-country web of confusion

ITD’s Amy Kearns and Michelle Radford recently reached across the continent to untangle a web that threatened the driving privileges of a Massachusetts motorist. In the process, they gained new friends and an outpouring of appreciation for the Division of Motor Vehicles.

Here, in the words of a grateful beneficiary, is an expression of thanks for a job well done and exceeding expectations:

You may or may not have heard from Amy (or Michelle) but my wife's license from MA (Massachusetts) somehow got entwined with an Idaho resident's license that was under suspension.  MA was going to suspend my wife's license based upon that data.
I spoke with Michelle who did some preliminary leg work on the issue. She then turned it over to Amy.

Amy was pleasant, informative and cared about my wife's situation. She pursued leads, uncovered records and went well above and beyond for us.  She always kept me in the loop and she always was reachable.
Everywhere my wife and I turned, MA RVM (Registry of Motor Vehicles) said it 'was Idaho's problem'. In the end Amy was able to overcome the roadblocks at MA RVM that we could not and solve the problem. 
We just got a e-mail from our state rep that informed us that the MA RMV had contacted them confirming that the work that your team did was successful in turning an injustice into justice.
Personally, I work for a company whose job it is to produce products that save our warfighter's lives. I cannot tell you how many 'thank you' we receive - each one heart felt and personal.
It is obvious that your team takes as much pride in their work as I do in mine. For that I am eternally grateful.
If your office has an 'employee of the month' or some other such award, I think that Amy and Michele have earned the right to be acknowledged for their hard work to resolution as well as showing a human kindred spirit.

Thank you,
Mike and Carolyn Jerzylo

Published 11-16-2012