ITD offers checklists for staying safe on winter highways

Safe travel on Idaho highways in the winter is no accident. It requires planning, preparation and prudence, according to ITD.

Motorists can alleviate a lot of problems associated with winter travel by checking conditions before leaving home. That can be done easily and quickly by visiting on the Internet or calling 5-1-1 from any line-based telephone or cell phone/smart phone where service is available.

Drivers should never check the website while operating a vehicle. Have a passenger access the information, or check before moving your vehicle. Using handheld devices while driving is dangerous and illegal under Idaho’s new texting ban.

While it is important to approach winter travel armed with the latest weather and highway information, making sure vehicles are winter ready also is extremely important, ITD advises.

Don’t wait until highways are covered with snow and ice to mount winter tires (all-season, studless or studded). Avoid the long lines at tire stores by making appointments early.

Consult these checklists for winter travel safety:


Published 11-23-2012