Program sheds light on rehabilitation services

During a recent diversity brown-bag lunch program at Headquarters, Nanna Hanchett talked about how the Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (IDVR) helps individuals with disabilities to return to work or obtain employment. The presentation was part of a series that explores how each of us is different and how much we are alike.

Hanchett, field services director for IDVR, discussed her agency’s partnership with ITD and how “we put more back into the community and society than we take” by assisting an individual’s return to a job or help with obtaining a new job.

“We (IDVR) like to see employers and employees contact our office. Oftentimes, we can help an individual keep employment,” she said. “We partner with many people statewide to help them through the IDVR program."

IDVR’s 70 counselors are located across the state and work with 13,000-14,000 people each year. While the agency can’t pay for on-going living arrangements like housing and food, assistance is available for some specifics associated with getting and keeping a job.

The agency’s website at has a link to a video about the vocational rehabilitation process and links to information about applying for services.

An audio recording of the ITD presentation and an IDVR video are available at \\itdnas\Mac_Common\Auditorium_files

Published 12-28-2012