2012 — The year in Transporter headlines

By nearly every standard, 2012 was a highly successful year at ITD. It began with the formal introduction of Jerry Whitehead as chairman of the Idaho Transportation Board and praise for outgoing chairman Darrell V Manning by Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter in his State of the State address. ITD's three-year effort to become more efficient, accountable and transparent translated into one of the smoothest Legislative presentations and quick approval of the department's budget.

Between January and December, outside organizations and professional peers consistently acknowledged the department's innovative approaches and outstanding performances through awards, honors and recognition in publications.

During those 12 months, ITD implemented a new Strategic Plan that ties organizational and individual performance with three primary goals -- to operate the safest transportation system possible, ensure mobility and economic opportunity for Idahoans, and to use innovation and investments in employees as a means to become the best transportation department in the country.

Director Brian Ness fulfilled his commitment to employees by introducing a new compensation plan that provided the first salary increases in four years. The first-ever leadership summit in August prepared 200 attendees to take more leadership responsibilities and model high professional standards. The department, in a parallel effort, is identifying and moving toward a new, more affirming organizational culture.

For a review of some of the most noteworthy accomplishments or events of 2012, see the following Transporter headlines. Clicking on the headlines will take you to the original story.

ITD looks forward to an equally successful 2013 and the new headlines that will emerge.



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Published 12-28-2012