ETS employees negotiate $16,200 savings

On the surface, saving ITD $60 may seem relatively insignificant. But if multiplied by 270, that savings can become a significant impact.

To the tune of $16,200.

Horse traders Tyler Zundel and Jeff Carpenter thought they could negotiate a better price for 270 new computers to be installed in county assessor computers across the state. The upgraded equipment is an integral part of the DMV modernization process that ensures computer compatibility and the efficient processing of motor vehicle records – registrations and titles.

Zundel and Carpenter negotiated with Dell, ITD’s computer vendor, to reduce the price for each computer.

After being contacted by Tyler and Jeff, Dell agreed to reduce the base cost by $60 per computer, for a total savings of $16,200 for DMV, explains Shannon Barnes, IT administrator. “Thanks to both of them for going out of their way to provide great service to our DMV customers.”

Published 2-8-2013