DMV's Griffin ensures smooth sailing for parks passport

International passports open the world to exploration. Idaho’s passports open the state’s natural beauty for recreationists. Obtaining the federal or state travel document can daunting.

ITD’s Sharon Griffin recently took some of the mystique out of securing an Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation (IDPR) passport for Gayle Valentine.

The Legislature passed a bill during the 2012 session that enables Idahoans to purchase a parks pass at a discounted price of $10 when renewing a vehicle license. The IDP&R passport entitles holders free access to day-use facilities and discounted fees for overnight stay.

Valentine needed help with the purchase process, and Griffin stepped to the forefront.

“I apologize for e-mailing you this letter of ‘applause and commendation’ for my recent interaction with Sharon Griffin in Vehicle Services,” Valentine wrote recently. “Sharon efficiently and effectively answered my last night’s e-mail inquiry about Idaho Parks & Recreation park passports.

“This morning, Sharon e-mailed me a thorough explanation of the appropriate process. I called and gave Sharon my VISA card number and within minutes she e-mailed me that my passport was in the mail. Wow! It just doesn’t get any better.

“Thank you for employing such a cheerful and wonderfully effective woman,” Valentine wrote to Amy Smith, manager of DMV’s Vehicle Services.

Valentine knows the value of providing quick, accurate responses. She retired from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game as Executive Director of the Idaho Fish and Wildlife Foundation in 2010.

She sincerely appreciated efforts that were beyond normal expectations, yet are representative of the pride and commitment ITD takes in delivering outstanding customer service.

Published 2-1-2013