ITD to weigh and photograph trucks on U.S. 20 in Ashton on the fly

A permanent weigh-in-motion (WIM) sensor system on U.S. 20 in Ashton will weigh and photograph trucks as they pass by. This will streamline weight enforcement along the route, saving time and money for officers and truck operators.

ITD has installed and is calibrating the WIM sensor system for operation starting in April. Located across from an ITD facility in north Ashton, the system identifies overweight trucks so Port of Entry inspectors can stop them rather than choosing trucks at random.

"By pre-weighing trucks, we won’t have to stop as many," said David Hankla, ITD Port of Entry supervisor for eastern Idaho. "This will save us time and will help truckers get down the road."

The pilot system consists of loops with sensors embedded in the pavement and of poles with cameras installed on both sides of the loops along the roadway. The goal is to improve weight enforcement on highways that do not have permanent ports of entry.

Data transmitted from the system will be available online to ITD, the Montana Department of Transportation, Idaho State Police and local law enforcement agencies. Inspectors at portable weigh stations in Ashton, Island Park and elsewhere on U.S. 20 will use the information to identify violators.

Weight enforcement is important because of the damage that illegally loaded trucks cause on highway surfaces. Legally loaded trucks have the equivalent impact of 9,000 cars and pickup trucks. Loads that exceed allowed weights result in even greater cumulative effects on highway conditions.

ITD awarded Mettler Toledo Inc., of Columbus, Ohio, the $255,354 contract.

Published 3-15-13