Board to honor employees for longevity, retirement

The Idaho Transportation Board and ITD leaders will celebrate the professional achievements of Headquarters employees during the semiannual Employee Service Awards presentation March 19.

Employees who reach employment milestones, from five years to 40 years and those who retired during the last six months of 2012, will be recognized during the board meeting in Boise. The ceremony is scheduled for 10 a.m. A reception, sponsored by DoRolCo, is planned in the Headquarters lobby immediately afterward.

The ceremony honors eight recent retirees who collectively represent 210 years employment, or an average of 26.25 years per employee. Terry McAdams leads the group, having worked 44 years before retiring from the department last fall. Bob Linkhart and Doug Benzon completed 38 years and Helen Jones followed with 35.

ITD's newest employees – those who completed five years of service, represent the largest group to be honored at 14, followed closely by those who reached 25 years (13). Nine celebrate 15 years of employment, and two – Peggy Koomler and Kevin McCulley – reached the 40-year plateau.

ITD Spring 2013 Service Awards

5 Years Ava Acosta Sherry Buwalda Gregory Graybadger Lisa Helton
Kerry Krueger Randall Kyrias Anthony Loomer Michael Pape
Brian Shea Cheryl Stephens Danny Thanadabouth Sajonara Tipuric
Lisa Troglia Julie Shistler
10 Years Ian Adams Janet Browen Donna McRobert Alicia Oakes
Kirstin Weldin
15 Years Amir Azari Susan Boyd Inez Hopkins Daryl Marler
Brian Reed Steven Rich Marilyn Thueson Carolyn Watts
Muhammad Zubery
20 Years Duane Brothers Brenda Gunther Debra Hall Carlin Hill
Lisa Johnson Melinda Lowe Umesh Narsinghani Betty Oakes
25 Years Brian Farrington J. Nestor Fernandez Scott Fugit Patricia Henderson
James Holland Rex Hufford Jeffrey Kopsa Bruce Macewan
Carl Main Nancy McPherson Craig Schumacher Dave Tuttle
Robert Williams
30 Years Terry Baker Daniel Barrera Linda Emry Vicky Fisher
Randy Gill Todd Glass Mary Ann Thorpe
35 Years Glenna Carraway
40 Years Peggy Koomler Kevin McCulley
Retirees Rick Bachmeier, 26 years Doug Benzon, 38 years Joan Benzon, 12 years Martin Chaney, 12 years
John DeThomas, 5 years Helen Jones, 35 years Robert Linkhart, 38 years Terence McAdams, 44 years

Published 3-8-13