ITD claims Capital City Communicators awards

ITD’s Public Outreach Planner (POP) tool was chosen as one of the area’s outstanding communication efforts of 2012, winning an IMPACT award at Friday night’s Capital City Communicators ceremony. ITD’s Office of Communications also received an award for a highway safety story.

The POP tool received an honorable mention in the Interactive Media Design category. The POP was spearheaded by ITD Public Involvement Coordinator Adam Rush, who worked with consultant The Langdon Group to refine the outreach effort.
POP allows ITD project designers and district personnel to streamline outreach efforts through a progression of criteria based on anticipated needs. The POP was featured in a Transporter article last fall:

Reed Hollinshead of ITD’s Office of Communications received an award of merit for an article titled “3,500-lb. Deadly Weapon” in the news articles category. The story also was featured in the Transporter last summer.

Published 5-3-13