Park the car and join others in May in Motion campaign

Feeling lonely? Want to meet someone heading the same direction in life? Want to share lively conversations? Ready to take on a new partner.

The annual Commuteride promotion" May in Motion" (MiM) encourages motorists to leave behind their solo drives to work by sharing morning and evening commutes with others. Those who prefer solitude and quiet times in conversation with themselves can choose to ride a bicycle or walk to their work destination if it’s within easy reach.

Commuteride encourages individuals in the Treasure Valley to become “Transportation Champions” during the annual event by working with their employer to encourage use alternative modes of travel. More than 60 organizations and businesses typically participate in May in Motion, saving fuel and money, reducing traffic congestion, improving air quality and creating a healthier lifestyle.

ITD encourages employees to join the effort by looking for ways other than a solo commute. Although the annual campaign is intended for the Treasure Valley, ITD employees across the state can enjoy similar benefits of sharing their commutes.

The department’s participation level has earned special recognition in the past. Those who want to help Headquarters and District 3this year can download log sheets and keep a record of their alternative commutes throughout May. Click here for a log sheet.

Last year, ITD received the bronze distinction for its collective participation. The goal in 2013 is to reach for the gold. As a transportation organization, it is appropriate for ITD to set an example for commuters by reducing the number of vehicles on the highways, cutting gasoline consumption and improving air quality.

Commuteride provides prizes, donated from sponsors, at the end of the month for those who participate and visible recognition for leading organizations and businesses.

How it works
During the month, get your organization involved in May in Motion and then you and your co-workers can ride, walk, vanpool, piggyback and ride the bus to work. Get your company recognized in the community as an organization that goes the extra mile to make the Treasure Valley a better place to live.

In the process, you will “save the world and money one alternative mile at a time.” Contact ACHD Commuteride by emailing or Kirk Montgomery at (208) 381-6163 to get involved. Follow the campaign on Twitter @Commuteride and use the hashtage #MiM2013 for the latest MiM information.

When you take Commuteride, you are the vehicle for change. A change in your routine, a welcome change of pace from your stressful commute and a little more change in your pocket. Share the ride and get back some valuable “me time” from your drive time. You can relax, talk with your ride mates, text (safely, thank you), catch up on work or reading, listen to music or catch some extra sleep.

For more than 35 years, the Ada County Highway District’s Commuteride Vanpool has been helping Treasure Valley commuters rethink the way they get to and from work. There are many vanpool routes designated throughout the Treasure.

Published 5-3-13