DMV staff introduces ITD services to fair visitors

Aside from a virtual visit to ITD, the best introduction of services provided by the department might be found in an exhibition hall at one of Idaho’s major fairs.

Division of Motor Vehicles representatives and other ITD employees settled into a booth at the Western Idaho Fair in Garden City last week to explain the myriad services and programs available through ITD.

“Vicky (Fisher) and I worked the opening shift on Friday (Aug. 16) and had good traffic – about 365 visitors,” said Barry Takeuchi, outreach/titles program specialist for the DMV.

He explained the process of attracting visitors to the booth and offering an array of printed material. DMV staff members distributed scenic byway brochures, highway maps, state park maps and flyers on the parks’ passport program. They explained the new cooperative program that allows motorists to purchase park passes when renewing vehicle registrations.

For $10, collectible at the time of registration, Idahoans receive unlimited entry into state parks during the vehicle’s registration period and a $5 discount on overnight camping at state parks.

Takeuchi said an informal survey revealed that about one-fourth of the booth visitors had purchased a parks passport.

DMV staff provided information about change of address requirements, commercial vehicle licenses, ITD’s website, DMV online services and the 511 Traveler Information service.

Two special guests on Saturday helped increase visibility and visits to the ITD’s booth. The reigning Miss Outstanding Meridian Teen and America’s Super Mrs. (Idaho) of 2006 answered questions and introduced a seatbelt safety demonstration presented by ITD , the Office of Highway Safety and the Federal Highway Administration.

“While directing some passersby to the seat belt demo, I asked one family if they would be interested in watching the demo and the father responded, ‘no’ and kept walking,” Takeuchi said. “The mother then held up one of the ‘We Buckled U and Survived’ brochures and said ‘we’re the ones in the photo.’ ”

Seat belt advocates broke more than 74 dozen eggs in the "Barbie" car demonstration that showed what happens to unrestrained vehicle occupants involved in a crash. an estimated 2,495 people watched seat belt demonstrations at the Western Idaho Fair. STARS motorcycle safety representatives visited with 220 people, and 241 individuals drove a vehicle simulator at the fair.

Booth representatives:
Amy Kearns, Barbara Kerr, Barry Takeuchi, Brandy Ferris, Chris Fisher, Daryl Marler, Doug Kolar, Jeff Oien, John Meyer, Joyce Smithers, Julie Hurdman, Kimberly Moyer, Kristina Zahnter-Yocom, Lana Hedley, Laura Handzel, Leslie Oien, Lisa Helton, Melanie Metzger, Melissa Galligan, Pamela Hocken, Rita Gallagher, Santiago Palomera, Sharon Griffin, Sterling Jones, Tammie Jauregui, Teri Jo Gaylin, Teri VandeVenter, Traci McWilliams, Travis Ingle, Vickie Atkinson and Vicky Fisher.

Additional booth staff:
Dave Thomas, Boise Police Department; Audra Urie, Idaho Department of Education; Maria Ortega, Idaho STAR motorcycle safety program; Julie Corder, Idaho State Police, commercial vehicle safety; Duke and Sheri Rogers, "Bucke Up for Bobby;" Autumn Short, Mrs. Idaho program; Malia White, Miss Meridian Teen.

Published 8-23-13