Survey designed to take pulse of employees about exercise challenge

All ITD employees are invited to take the exercise challenge survey to determine their interest and participation level in the annual campaign that promotes wellness through exercise.

The survey is open to all ITD employees, even those who did not participate in the challenge, explains coordinator Pauline Davis. Click here to take the exercise challenge survey.
Regular exercise helps people stay healthy, and healthy employees are more productive, use less sick leave and keep insurance costs low.
For 20 years, ITD has offered challenge incentives as motivation to establish, improve and maintain a regular exercise routine. In this year’s “20/20: See Your Future” challenge, a second incentive was offered for the gold star effort to double the exercise goal (from three hours per week to six hours weekly over a 10-week period) and to have log sheets submitted on time every week.
Each year, ITD volunteers look for ways to improve the challenge and inspire staff to achieve their best overall health. Employees have until Wednesday (Sept. 18) to complete the survey and provide feedback for better health.

Published 9-13-13