511 Transit option gaining popularity

ITD’s Division of Transportation Performance is involved in a number of mulitmodal activities throughout the state, including a visible presence on ITD’s 511 Traveler Services system.

As Idaho businesses begin to recover from recession-era levels and growth expands, it is important to have effective communication tools for Idaho citizens to be aware of transportation options available to them.

By calling 511 or visiting the website (511.idaho.gov), Idaho travelers have access to highway and public transportation information.

511 Transit offers local public transportation route information, schedules, and notices of cancellations and disruptions in service.

The 511 Transit site shows steady increase in unique site visits since it was introduced as a 511 enhancement two years ago.The public transit option made its debut on the Traveler Services system in September 2011 and generated 523 website visits the first month. Internet use of the transit site generally follows a track similar to that of the 511 system, with peaks in the winter months and lows in the summer when weather and travel conditions are optimal in Idaho.

Website visits peaked in January this year at 2,761, eclipsing the previous high of 2,149 a month earlier. The highest usage before this winter, according to Transportation Performance, came in January 2012 when there were 1,922 visits.

The Division of Transportation Performance encourages public transportation users in Idaho to visit 511.idaho.gov for trip planning and transit options. Information also is available by dialing 511 from any phone in Idaho (cell phone charges may be assessed by your service provider) or toll-free from neighboring states at (888) 432-7623.

For more public transportation information, visit I-Way.org on the Web.

Published 9-20-13