D-3's Nicholson, Astorga certified as first aid instructors

District 3 avalanche forecasters Bill Nicholson and Chantel Astorga completed a special Red Cross First Aid training class in early August.

All participants in the advanced course had been trained and certified to some extent previously. Astorga and Nicholson held certificates from a Wilderness First Responder class taken last October, building on certifications they’ve long held. Both also have been certified EMTs and/or certified in Outdoor Emergency Care.

Astorga said they spent some class time refreshing CPR and AED (automated external defibrillator) basics and spent “the remainder of class presenting basic first aid/CPR lectures, discussions and skills to get the group comfortable with teaching the material.”

With extensive backgrounds in ski patrol and search and rescue, Nicholson and Astorga have held certifications for years. Nicholson has been involved in avalanche rescue and backcountry responses for more than three decades; Astorga has more than 10 years of certification.

Both plan to teach for District 3, starting with a First Aid Instructor Class for Robin Freeman's crew at the New Meadows maintenance shed on Oct. 3.

Published 9-20-13