Szplett’s expertise proves invaluable in property transactions

District 3 Development Services manager Dave Szplett is involved in countless condemnation cases involving southwest Idaho property. He knows the projects, knows the area, and knows the rules of highway access. In the estimation of District Engineer Dave Jones, he is “expediting the process, bringing common sense to the negotiations, and enabling ITD to reach defensible settlements with affected property owners.”

Szplett has been assisting the ITD Legal Section with property-acquisition efforts for Idaho 16, and with legal defense when matters involve code/policy related to access control or highway functional classifications.

“His decades of experience and knowledge of property development, access control, traffic engineering and planning have been incredibly valuable to ITD,” said Jones.   
Jones said Szplett has spent about a third of his time on these efforts, in addition to managing a section under-staffed by two employees in a six-person office. 
“He’s training his new hires, setting up interviews for replacements, and keeping the permits and work flowing as best as he can with the time and resources available,” Jones said.
Szplett “exemplifies the types of partnerships we need to be successful in condemnation cases and highway projects,” explained ITD Deputy Attorney Gen. Larry Allen. 

Published 10-4-13