Home away from home?

Litter comes in strange forms, even an outdoor living room.

A recent discovery by an Adopt-A-Highway group working near Idaho 21 resembled a backyard living area, complete with a reasonably solid couch. The only thing missing was a barbecue and ice chest.

The cleanup crew removed the abandoned couch from an old Forest Service road. Several theories have surfaced about the origin of the couch.

”We first thought a deer hunter left it there so he would have a place to rest and sleep,” said Gretchen Sherlin, the volunteer group’s organizer. “Other people think it may be the furniture of marijuana growers in the forest.”

The cannabis-farmer scenario seems to have gained traction lately. Near the couch were empty cigarette and pudding containers.

Volunteers loaded the couch in a truck and delivered it to the Lowman Transfer Station. The unexpected find was reported to the Boise County Sheriff’s Department.

The couch/hide-a-bed was hardly the most unique or interesting item the Boise County group has found. The treasure trove includes:

  • A recreational vehicle tire
  • Truck tire
  • Laptop computers
  • Cell phones
  • Propane camp stoves (one still in the box)
  • An album filled with wedding pictures
  • Cash in a McDonald’s sack
  • A dozen bath towels, half of which were new and still-in-plastic-wrap
  • Bed pillows, and
  • A cast iron hot water heater 

The bath towels were donated to the Humane Society and the pillows went to a Boise homeless shelter.

Published 10-25-13