Transportation board to review annual report

ITD’s annual report, a summary of the department’s activities and success the past year, will be presented to the Idaho Transportation Board when it meets Wednesday at Headquarters in Boise.

Idaho Code requires the submission of an annual report by Dec. 1 or at any time the governor requests. The document includes an overview on the condition, management and financial transactions of the department.

It also summarizes the progress made in 2013 on achieving the goals of providing a safe transportation system, operating a mobility-focused transportation system that drives economic opportunity, the drive to become the best transportation department in the country and implementing innovative practices. The report also celebrates the 19 national awards and 18 state awards ITD received in Fiscal Year 2012.

Other agenda items

Modifications to rules governing overlegal
permits for extra-length vehicle combinations

Because of legislative changes during the 2013 session, the 35 routes in southern Idaho that were authorized for loads of up to 129,000 pounds as part of a pilot project became permanent. Legislation also authorized entities with jurisdiction on highways to designate other routes for weights up to 129,000 pounds. ITD’s staff revised several rules to accommodate the changes.

The rule revision process included a public review and comment period, along with hearings in each district to provide an opportunity for the public to learn more about the rules and testify orally. Ninety-two people attended the hearings, and almost 100 individuals submitted formal testimony.

Most of the comments were positive, although a lot of the remarks were directed at the legislation rather than the proposed rules.

Staff members will request additional changes to the Rules Governing Overlegal Permits for Extra-Length, Excess Weight, and Up to 129,000 Pound Vehicle Combinations to address the recommendations received during the public involvement process

Some of the modifications related to the process of designating routes include instructing the requesting agency to notify adjacent local jurisdictions of requested state routes, defining the engineering and safety criteria that ITD staff will use to evaluate requested routes and including provisions that hearings for designating routes will be conducted pursuant to the Idaho Administrative Procedures Act.

FY15 appropriation request
The department’s FY15 appropriation request has been revised since it was submitted to the Division of Financial Management and Legislative Services Office in September.

The request decreased by about $500,000. It is $577.2 million. Some of the changes resulted from the PERSI Board’s withdrawal of a rate increase and reductions in operating expenditures because of changes in line-item requests.

ITD’s spending authority request also has been decreased by four positions, to a full-time equivalency of 1,810.

Employee Service Awards
The board will also take time to recognize employees for their service to Idaho during the Employee Service Awards at 10 a.m.

Published 11-15-13