Board to honor employees for longevity, retirements

The Idaho Transportation Board and ITD leaders will celebrate the professional achievements of Headquarters' employees at the semiannual Employee Service Awards presentation next week.

Employees who reach employment milestones, from five years to 40 years and those who retired during the first six months of 2013, will be recognized during the Wednesday (Nov. 20) board meeting in Boise. The ceremony is scheduled for 10 a.m. in the Darrell V Manning boardroom and auditorium. A reception, sponsored by DoRolCo, is planned in the lobby immediately afterward.

The ceremony honors 10 recent retirees who collectively represent 291 years employment, or an average of 29.1 years per employee. Gwen Lough leads the group, having worked 42 years before retiring from the department last spring. Rebecca Butler recorded 38 years; Kathyren Chase and Teresa Rhodes finished their careers with 37 years each.

ITD's newest employees – those who completed five years of service, represent the largest group to be honored at 16, followed by those who reached 25 years (11).

ITD Fall 2013 Service Awards

5 Years Kathryn Brown, Vehicle Services Jacob Legler, Bridge Asset Management Karen Merrick, Highway Pavement Analysis Susan Rowland, Vehicle Services
Branden Carter, ETS Lisa Losness, Office of Highway Safety Dave Merriweather, Enterprise Technology Services Scott Snider, Vehicle Services
Stephen Grant, Communications Jackie Lynskey, Enterprise Technology Services Travis Oakes, Business & Support Management Camron Sobotka, Bridge Design

Margaret Collet-Hexum, ETS

Gary McElheney, Aeronautics Erik Rabe, Aeronautics Phillip VanSickle, Enterprise Technology Services
10 Years John Cullen, Materials Daniel Gorley, Bridge Design Wesley Murphy, Mobility Services  
15 Years Douglas Bizeau, Financial Services Frances Hood, Construction Kathy Sigrist, Vehicle Services Tyler Zundel, Enterprise Technology Services
Tim Henderson, Aeronautics Sherry Jenkins, Business & Support Management Cindy Smith, Right of Way  
20 Years Kelly Campbell, Highway Safety Maureen Ferris, Financial Services Amy Kearns, Driver Services Zane Lathim, Right of Way
Tony Ernest, Mobility Services      
25 Years Charles Gillin, Transportation Systems Cindy Mendoza, Mobility Services Joyce Robertson, Drivers Services Ronald Wright, Materials
Linda Johnson, Business & Support Management Millicent Miles, Highways Automated Systems Reymundo Rodriguez, Commercial Vehicles Luis Zarate, Bridge
Thomas Martin, Enterprise Technology Services Regina Phipps, Commercial Vehicles Mark Wheeler, Resource Centers
30 Years Renee Johnson, POE Kim Moody, Financial Services Michael Santi, Design/Construction  
35 Years Tri Buu, Resource Centers Patricia Carr, POE Jacqueline McClure, Highway Programs
40 Years Naomi Rawls Drivers, Services
Retirees Rebecca Butler, Enterprise Technology Services, 38 Years Brian Emmen, GIS, 8 years Gwen Lough, Financial Services, 42 years Teresa Rhodes, Vehicle Services, 37 years
Julie Caldwell, Human Resources EEO, 30 Years Linda Emry, Governmental Affairs, 31 years Les Niederklein, Budget & Program Management, 18 years Judy Rogers, Transportation Systems, 28 years
Kathyren Chase, Business & Support Management, 37 Years Barbara Kantola, Human Resource Services, 22 years    

Published 11-15-13