Tips for hosting a responsible holiday party

Brent Jennings
Highway Safety Manager

Many of us will be hosting and/or attending parties during this holiday season. With that in mind, below are some reminders that will assist you in having a safe and enjoyable party:

1. Control access to the alcohol you provide.

a. Avoid serving from common sources such as kegs or punch bowls.
b. Consider hiring a trained professional to serve drinks at your party
c. Be sure that whoever does pour the drinks is not consuming alcohol and monitors other guests’ consumption.

2. Offer soft drinks, fruit juices, bottled water and coffee so that your guests have an alternative to alcohol.

3. Allow guests to have only one drink at a time. Discourage rapid or competitive drinking.

4. Provide plenty of appetizers, snacks and other food.

5. Plan entertainment and other activities so that drinking alcohol is not the primary focus of the party.

6. Request identification from anyone who appears 30 years of age or younger. Guests who cannot preset a valid form of ID should not be given any alcohol.

7. Model appropriate behavior for your guests and be sure to communicate that becoming intoxicated is unacceptable.

8. Stop serving alcohol beverages at least one hour before the party ends. Encourage guests to stay for a while and enjoy a soda or coffee.

9. Make sure anyone who is visibly intoxicated does not receive any more alcohol and is not left alone. Even if the guest is not driving. An impaired guest can be injured or injure others in many ways, not just in a car.

10. When necessary, provide alternate transpiration for impaired guests. Either call a cab, or enlist the help of sober friends to take the impaired guest home. HAVE A PLAN.


Published 12-6-13