Schroeder, Hood poised to take leadership roles at D-3

Amy Schroeder and Fran Hood will make the transition to District 3 in early January, filling key positions.

After 29 years, Scott Gurnsey left District 3 in Sept. 2011 to care for his ailing mother. His position remained vacant for several years, absorbed temporarily by Dave Kuisti. The latter recently was promoted to District 2 Engineer, succeeding Jim Carpenter who became Chief Operations Officer.

Schroeder takes the position formerly held by Gurnsey, while Hood assumes Kuisti’s original position. Schroeder is the Engineering Manager (Development). Her areas of management will be project development, environmental, traffic, materials, location, sign and striping, and electrical areas. Hood is the new Engineering Manager (Operations). Her responsibilities include construction and maintenance.

Schroeder holds dual bachelor’s degrees in Engineering from the University of Idaho – civil and mining. She worked in heavy civil construction before joining the department in 2004.

She started in District 1’s project development section and later accepted the equivalent position in District 3. She joined the GARVEE Office in 2007, then succeeded Jason Brinkman as GARVEE manager in 2011.

Schroeder has been involved in numerous department start-up projects such as the Project Scheduling System (PSS), the Project Management Academy, and most recently the Innovative Contracting Unit that leads the design-build and construction manager/general contractor (CMGC) alternative contracting projects.

“I’m very excited to return to District 3 and work with all the talented people in the development sections,” Schroeder said. “It’s an interesting and challenging time to be involved with project delivery and employee development while serving our many customers.”

Hood moves to District 3 following a six-year run as state construction engineer. Her 16-year ITD career includes experience in construction and engineering. Her ITD start in April 1998 also came in District 3, as a project coordinator for Region 2.

She was promoted a year later to construction associate, and in 2006 became contract administration/local roads engineer following the selection of Nestor Fernandez to lead ITD’s new GARVEE Program.

About 17 months later, she became the state construction engineer. The title morphed to State Design/Construction/Materials Engineer in June 2011 after ITD realignment. 

Both Hood and Schroeder complete their transition to District 3 Jan. 5.

“I am very pleased and looking forward to joining the District 3 team,” Hood said.
“I’m very excited to have a pair of seasoned professionals with Headquarters and district experience join the team,” said District Engineer Dave Jones. “Both have great enthusiasm for the jobs and some great ideas to take us from the ITD of today (and yesterday for the folks still clinging to the past), to the ITD of the future.” 
“Hats off to Dave Kuisti for participating in my grand experiment to see if District 3 could function at a high level with only one Engineering Manager or Assistant District Engineer,” Jones added.  
“Dave gave 100 percent for a couple of years, and truly tried to make it work, but with the additional burdens of GARVEE work over and above our already substantial base load of projects, it is just too much for one person, regardless of ability or willingness to give it a go.” 

Published 12-27-13