Quarles earns Toastmasters International communicator award

Public speaking may be a terrifying prospect for many, but not for Mary Quarles, a principal auditor with ITD's Office of Internal Review.

Quarles recently developed and completed 10 speech projects as part of Toastmasters International's communication program. Her efforts earned the Competent Communicator award through her participation in the program.

The communications program is training that helps participants improve their speaking and leadership skills in a club environment. To finish the program, participants must complete a series of rigorous assignments that provide instruction and practice in the basic techniques of public speaking.

Participants also learn to offer constructive evaluation of public speaking efforts by others.

"Since the program is self-paced, those completing the program show a high degree of self-motivation and a strong interest in self-improvement," explained Daniel Rex, chief executive officer for Toastmasters International.

Participation in the Toastmasters program involves working and communicating with people from a variety of professions and vocations.

"Through such interaction, participants gain a valuable awareness of the business and professional community in which they work," he said. "They increase their self-confidence and understanding of others, and they become better listeners, thinkers and leaders."

"Mary took this initiative during her personal time," said Carri Rosti, Office of Internal Review manager. "Having the skill to develop and present oral speeches and reports is very valuable in her role as a principal auditor for ITD."

Published 1-10-14