Be healthy and earn rewards from thriveidaho

If you haven't already gotten started in thriveIdaho, begin today to earn rewards. 
Step 1 of thriveidaho is to complete a Health Qualification Form (HQF) with a primary care provider. This form gives you and your provider the opportunity to have an open dialogue about your current health status.
How it works
To complete the HQF, take a copy with you to your wellness visit.  After your biometric measures and the lab results are complete, your provider will fill it out, sign it and return to you to submit to Blue Cross of Idaho. 
How much does it cost?
The cholesterol panel required for the HQF is a covered service on the group insurance health plans. Additionally, the $20 In-Network copay for Wellness/Preventive care services was eliminated for the PPO medical plan and the $250 limit on Wellness/Preventive care services in the Traditional and High Deductible medical plans were removed for all members on the medical plan for FY2014.  These enhancements were effective July 1, 2013, for all members on the plan, regardless of participation in thriveidaho.

Follow the link to see the Plan Contracts and Benefits Summary.
I already had my wellness visit this year, what do I do?
All you need to do is ask your provider to fill out the HQF and sign it for verification.  Make sure you sign it before submitting it to Blue Cross. 
Submitting the HQF
Submit the HQF to Blue Cross of Idaho at:
Blue Cross of Idaho
Attn: thriveidaho/HQF
P.O. Box 7408 Boise, ID 83707
OR scan & email to:

OR fax toll free to: (800) 471-4424
What about my confidentiality?
The Office of Group Insurance has contracted with our insurance carrier, Blue Cross of Idaho, to administer the health data components of thriveidaho.  No one at the state of Idaho will see any of the personal health information you provide as part of this program. 
Will my participation or non-participation affect my insurance status?
No.  Participation (or non-participation) in thriveidaho will NOT affect your insurance premiums.  The program is intended to reward eligible employees for taking an active role in their health. The state of Idaho will not receive any identifiable information about employees who participate or do not participate in the program. The state receives reports in aggregate only.
How do I find an in-network provider?

Follow the link to see Blue Cross of Idaho's Find a Provider resource where you can search for an in-network provider by zip code, gender and other search parameters.

For more information about rewards and the other steps of thriveidaho, visit

Published 1-17-14