Employees contribute nearly $580 in loose change to help Bartlome

Organizers wish to thank everyone who contributed loose change to help Boone Bartlome on his long road to recovery. A total of $579.14 was raised and deposited into the "Benefit Boone Fund" at US Bank.

Bartlome was moved to a rehabilitation facility in Denver, Colo., where he and his parents will remain during the healing process.

After partially severing his spinal cord in a high school football game, the Kuna High School student is now fighting to move his arms, fingers, legs and toes.

On Christmas, Bartlome was able to stand on his own for a few seconds, showing the hard work he has put in during seven hours of daily physical therapy. People wanting to further donate to the young man's recovery can make a deposit of any size to the Benefit Boone Fund at all US Bank locations.

"A special thanks to Ashley Winterroth and Rachelle Swanson from ETS who lead this effort," said Shannon Barnes, ETS administrator. "This was a great effort and shows what wonderful caring people we have at ITD."

Published 1-24-14