P3 technical assistance program offers planning help to communities

Communities seeking technical assistance to improve local transportation options, safety within their mobility systems and increased economic opportunity may apply this month to the Idaho Transportation Department for technical assistance.

ITD's Planning and Project Planning (P3) Technical Assistance Program provides planning help for small-scale projects to local and tribal governments, and non-profits that have a government partnership. The Division of Transportation Performance offers the new program.

The assistance is tailored to each community's unique situation and priorities.

Planning assistance will be provided to selected local communities in the form of a team of consultants that help analyze small-scale projects such as pedestrian crossing studies, bicycle or walk to activity center plans, truck routing studies, park/ride location analysis or transit accessibility studies.

Project planning assistance involves developing high-level concept plans for certain kinds of projects resulting in feasible schedules and cost estimates. Examples of services that may be requested include project identification and data analysis, preliminary environmental scans, public involvement and traffic analysis.

A program application is available on the ITD website at www.itd.idaho.gov/bike-ped/ or may be downloaded here. Transportation Performance staff also will be available for questions during the January application cycle at 1-800-527-7985.

Published 1-24-14