New division administrators named

Two new administrators have been selected to head divisions created through a Division of Highways realignment.

Dave Jones was selected as administrator for the Division of Engineering Products and Plans, and Blake Rindlisbacher was selected as administrator for the Division of Engineering Services.

The selections follow the November announcement of a realignment of the Division of Highways into three divisions to better reflect a commitment to all modes of travel and concentrate sections in areas with similar objectives.

Jones graduated from the University of Idaho in 1985 and accepted an engineering position with the Washington Department of Transportation. He returned to Idaho after four years in Washington and entered the Engineer in Training program at ITD.

He finished the program in an accelerated seven months with credit awarded for his tenure in Washington. Jones worked in District 3 as a resident engineer for 18 months before transferring to District 6 as a resident engineer and later advanced to project development engineer.

From there, he moved to District 2 where he worked as assistant district engineer during an active bridge construction era and worked on five major bridges. He returned to Boise in 1999 to serve as the state maintenance engineer at Headquarters, a position he held for six years until transferring to the GARVEE Program office.

He has worked as District 3 engineer since 2007.

Rindlisbacher began his career in Idaho Falls as a District 6 employee in 1989. He went on to work in District 2 and later as an Engineer in Training in District 4 after graduating from the University of Idaho with an engineering degree in 1991.

Moving to Boise, he was promoted to construction associate in 1996.

Rindlisbacher then transfered to Lewiston (District 2) where he worked first as the resident engineer and later as project development engineer. In 2001, his professional path took him to Pocatello as the assistant district engineer. He has worked as District 6 engineer since 2008.

Jone's Division of Engineering Products and Plans will be comprised of Headquarters' sections that develop their own products and engineering plans and are directly responsible for completing them.

The Division of Engineering Services, under Rindlisbacher, will consist of Headquarters' sections that help other divisions meet their goals by providing guidance in procedures, sharing best practices, data needs, technology systems, planning and innovative approaches to engineering disciplines.

"Realignment places all of our support services into one division," explained Chief Engineer Jim Carpenter. "This will provide an opportunity for the sections and employees to better define how they can assist others."

"Please join me in wishing them well," he said.

Published 1-17-14