Legislative committees pass rules governing 129,000-pound truck routes

Idaho state Senate and House transportation committees passed proposed administrative rules this week governing 129,000-pound truck routes. The rules are necessary to implement three related bills from the 2013 Legislature.

"This is great news, and a conclusion to a lot of hard work by many," explained Mollie McCarty, ITD governmental affairs manager.

The legislation follows a pilot project that began in 1998 and recently ended. The project allowed trucks and their cargo weighing a total of 129,000 pounds to use 35 test routes in Idaho.

Administrative rules ensure a state agency's procedures are consistent with legislation. They are used to implement changes to statutes and govern areas such as the type of permit required.

Prior to the legislative committee meetings, ITD held six public meetings last October in cities across Idaho to gather public comment about the proposed rules.

"A special thanks to Reggie Phipps for presenting the rules in the committees and doing such a great job of answering questions that no one else was asked to testify," said McCarty. "And, thanks to everyone else who has given significant time to the overall process of developing our rules and working with the public to ensure a thorough process."

Published 1-24-14