ITD advises citizens to use official sites for motor vehicle business

ITD encourages customers to use its official websites when renewing a vehicle registration online and for other Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) business.

Customers are encouraged to use or for conducting business online with the transportation department.

Unofficial websites might provide Idaho DMV information and claim to provide DMV-related services, including some with associated fees. These sites may offer renewal assistance, practice tests, driver's license records, motor vehicle records and other services, but they are not affiliated with the state of Idaho.

ITD customers should be wary of any website that does not include "" when seeking DMV information or services, or when providing credit card or personal information, explained Idaho DMV Administrator Alan Frew.

"We want to be proactive in Idaho by warning our customers about the existence of unofficial websites, and advise them to always access the state's official websites at or for any DMV information or online services," Frew said.

People also should be wary of any unsolicited phone calls or emails seeking personal information even if the caller or sender claims to need this information for governmental purposes, Frew added. "If you have any doubts, contact the appropriate government agency."

To renew a vehicle registration, ITD's official DMV site requires a personal identification number (PIN). The PIN is provided in the DMV renewal notice that is sent out to a registered owner approximately two months before the registration's expiration date.

Published 1-17-14