ITD updates Project Outreach Planner (POP)

ITD and the Office of Communications have rolled out an updated version of the Public Outreach Planner (POP). The POP is an online, interactive tool that helps guide the department's public involvement decision-making process. It can be found at

The newest feature of the online tool is a unique POP Tracking Workbook. The workbook is designed to help project teams track and document public involvement throughout the life of a project. The workbook asks specific questions about the project to help current and future project teams easily locate and reference relevant files, documents and collateral; and understand project history, trends, public opinions and attitudes.

"The addition of the POP Tracking Workbook takes the POP one step further to ensure that we are interacting with the public in ways that benefit our communities and achieve ITD's long-range goals," said Adam Rush, public involvement coordinator. "We encourage ITD staff to use the POP on all of their projects, and take advantage the information and resources that the POP provides."

The POP concept focuses on a series of multiple-choice questions that produces a numeric score of 1 through 5. Each level provides recommended budget estimates, staffing needs and appropriate tools and techniques (post cards, web pages, press releases, newspaper ads, etc.) for various types of transportation projects. The POP helps project teams determine which public involvement methods and tools are the best fit for their project and budget, and learn more about how to effectively design, develop and execute them.

To facilitate effective implementation of the POP, references to it are included in the Project Scheduling System and the Guide to Public Involvement. Other manuals, including the Corridor Planning Guidebook and Environmental Manual, will be updated accordingly.

Along with the POP development and website creation, the department also took the opportunity to update ITD's Guide to Public Involvement. The updated version can be found online at, and includes updated information on new tools and technology.

The Project Leadership Team consists of Sonna Lynn Fernandez, Adam Rush, Erika Bowen (Executive Team Liaison) and Bryant Kuechle, Darla Christiansen, and Andrea Gumm, with The Langdon Group, an Idaho-based public involvement company.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the POP, please contact the project manager, Adam Rush at 334-8119 or

Published 1-31-14