Motorist stranded in Florida airport gets help from Idaho DMV

ITD's commitment to customer service has gone transcontinental. A recent communication to the Division of Motor Vehicles carried a message of heartfelt thanks from a north-Idaho motorist stranded in a Florida airport with an expired driver's license. He wrote:

Dear DMV,

I'm the guy who was just stuck in Florida with a just-that-week expired drivers' license.

I couldn't rent a car, was scheduled to be the keynote speaker at three different events for senior adults in three different locations around the state over the next five days, and was stuck in the Tampa Airport, likely forever, as far as I could tell.

I called the Idaho State Police who connected me with your department 8 minutes to closing time last Friday evening [Feb. 14]. Naomi and company (I wish I had all their names) to the rescue!

Though they were closing in 8 minutes, they said they'd stay open for me "because it's Valentine's Day." They are all angels in my book.

They faxed me a form to complete, but the Tampa Airport fax machine was like, in the next county, so I had to walk and walk and walk across two terminals to find it. I filled out your form and the gal on that end faxed it back to Boise THREE TIMES because she had it in her machine upside down. (Naomi suggested she try turning it over.)

In my haste I even gave you a wrong credit card number, to complicate things even more. Naomi and crew stuck with me to the end, and by 5:34 PM your time I was legal again, rented a car, and was on my way.

There are not words enough to say thank you. All the employees I talked with at DMV were kind, sympathetic, incredibly patient, and helpful above and beyond imagination. They all deserve a huge kudo for their service and extra mile.

I honestly do not know what I would have done had not your employees taken me under their wings and offered me help on their own time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Assisting the stranded motorist were Naomi Rawls, Kimberly Moyer and Deana Post.

Published 2-28-14