Repair of important Boise commuter route completed ahead of schedule

Good news for the scores of drivers who travel the western end of the Treasure Valley: Crews completed replacement of an irrigation pipe under the road at the U.S. 20 and Can-Ada Road intersection early Thursday, a full day ahead on schedule.

Special Crew Foreman Travis Dodd and his team helped D-3 workers finish the job in just two days with help from Rob Medley, on loan from the Electrical Crew.

"I am impressed with how quickly and professionally this project was completed," said D-3 Operations Manager Tom Points. "Great work everyone."

U.S. 20 is used by many drivers commuting to Boise from Caldwell, Nampa and Middleton. Can-Ada is used by many Nampa drivers to access U.S. 20. It also is a road frequently used by students attending the College of Western Idaho, located in Nampa.

The pipe was so badly deteriorated that replacement was necessary to eliminate the risk of it failing this spring and causing the highway to collapse. Drivers worsened the problem by cutting the edge of the intersection as they rounded the corner at Can-Ada, further damaging the pipe and headwall. 

The existing 40-year-old corrugated metal pipe with a 45-degree bend was replaced by a longer, straight concrete pipe with a 36-inch diameter. Crews also augmented the irrigation headwalls, placed additional gravel, and patched asphalt above the pipe. 

In total, the repair cost approximately $12,000 from the department's maintenance budget.

(Top) Workers replace an irrigation pipe that was buried under the intersection and in danger of collapse at U.S. 20 and
Can-Ada Road in Nampa. (Above) The deteriorated irrigation pipe running under the highway intersection was replaced
with new pipe.

Published 3-07-14