District 3¹s Development Services singled out by Sali for praise

ITD's Development Services group in District 3 was recently the object of praise from former Idaho Congressman Bill Sali for assistance on a permitted-access request.

On Feb. 25, D-3 Engineering Manager (Development), Amy Schroeder, received a forwarded call from the front desk. The person identified himself as Sali and stated that he had just had the most wonderful experience with a state agency, and that Dave Szplett had provided excellent customer service.

Sali¹s permit issue is among the more than 500 applications processed each year by Development Services, of which approximately 100 are issued for new approaches, public streets or changes in existing approaches. The group also reviews any development applications (rezones, subdivisions, building permits, etc.) for D-3's 10-county area, which stretches from the Oregon border east to just beyond Glenns Ferry, and from the Nevada border north to New Meadows.That totals another 1,500 a year. The sheer volume is more than the rest of the state combined.

"This work is all a team effort," Szplett said. "I deserve no more credit than anyone else in here. I mostly sit here and worry or pontificate."

Shona Tonkin is the permits officer and does the bulk of the work on the applications. Szplett explained that she, not he, deserved the credit for Sali's kudos. Mark Wasdahl participates in most of the development applications. Lana Servatius' right-of-way function is also involved in many of the applications. Brynn Lacabanne's data is used for most applications, too.

Pictured above are Mark Wasdahl and Dave Szplett (standing) and Lana Servatius, Brynn Lacabanne and Shona Tonkin.

Published 3-21-14