Workshop, audits and a project request highlight March board activities

Internal Review Office’s annual report on audits, a request to add a new project to the State Board Unallocated Program and a workshop on the strategy to update the Statewide Transportation topped transportation board activities at the group’s March 19 meeting. ITD employee service awards also were distributed during the meeting.

Annual Report on Audits
The Internal Review Office presented its annual report at the board meeting.

It discussed internal and external audits performed in 2013 and work planned for 2014. Some of the activities conducted last year included an audit of the Driver Services Section’s internal controls and previous audit recommendations, an analysis of Business and Support Management’s contracts and agreements, an evaluation of the fuel management system, pre-award reviews of consultant agreements, and a review of metropolitan planning organizations.

Some of the work planned in 2014 includes a construction-project risk assessment, a follow-up to an earlier Aeronautics Division audit, a Port of Entry risk assessment, review of consultants’ overhead rates and grant management training.

Coeur d’Alene Lake Drive Corridor Master Plan
Staff requested adding a new project, the Coeur d’Alene Lake Drive Corridor Master Plan, to the State Board Unallocated Program for $150,000. ITD has been working on transferring ownership of Coeur d’Alene Lake Drive to the city of Coeur d’Alene. The city has requested a study of the future corridor.

The master plan would capture and memorialize the purpose and intent of the road corridor for future opportunities to transfer ownership. The project scope includes coordination meetings with local agencies and stakeholders to develop a draft Joint Powers Agreement that would outline future relinquishment of ITD’s ownership, maintenance and operations of the corridor, and capture all stakeholders’ comments, opportunities and responsibilities.

A workshop on the strategy to update the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program was led by staff.

The percent of pavement rated as good or fair is 85, exceeding the goal of 82 percent; however, based on projected funding levels, that is expected to decrease to 76 percent by 2019. Based on the bridge area, 74 percent of bridges are in good condition, which is below the goal of 80 percent. By 2019, 76 percent of bridges are projected to be in good condition.

The five-year highway fatality rate has been decreasing; however, the total fatalities by year increased in 2012 and 2013 after a low of 167 fatalities in 2011.

Crash data in completed GARVEE corridors was reviewed. In comparing three years of crash data after improvements were made with the three years before the projects were constructed, the total crash rate decreased 38 percent, injury crashes declined 51 percent and the fatal crashes decreased 89 percent. Similarly, comparing the crash rate on the U.S. 95, Lewiston Hill to Thorncreek section, for five years before the project was completed with five years after the improvements were made, shows a 37 percent reduction in total crashes, a 75 percent decline in injury crashes and a 100 percent reduction in fatal crashes.

Staff proposed establishing a new program, Strategic Initiatives, to fund Safety, Mobility, and Economic Opportunity-related improvements on a statewide competitive basis. The new program, which would include the current expansion, statewide safety and rail safety programs, would be implemented in FY19. No changes are proposed for the FY15-18 program. Emphasis also will continue on pavements and bridges.

The board took the information under advisement and intends to revisit the proposal next month.

Employee Service Awards

Published 3-28-14