ITD launches “Innovate ITD!” SharePoint tool

Enthusiastic interest and participation in "Innovate ITD!" by department employees from districts through Headquarters' staff prompted the Innovative Business Practices (IBP) team to simplify its idea-collection process.

The new Innovate ITD SharePoint tool and site launched today. It provides a link to submit ideas and innovation wins, or an opportunity to get inspired by a list of current submissions.

The effort is a result of collaboration among ETS Manager Juan Oleaga, SharePoint team lead Mark Borkowski and ITD Graphic Designer Pauline Davis. Previously submitted ideas have been entered into the site, so only new submissions need be entered.

CAO Charlene McArthur, executive sponsor of the IBP team, said she was excited about the new tool.

"This is just another form of innovation at ITD that happens at the grass-roots level," she explained. "I did not ask for this, it just came from a series of ideas and various team members had. We looked at things being done such as the DMV Ideas Storehouse and the ITD MVP Recognition and used pieces of concepts to inspire this site."

Juan Oleaga encouraged everyone to check out the tool by going to the ITD Intranet homepage and selecting the "Click to Innovate" button. The link will lead to the innovation site where ideas and innovations may be submitted.

"You can also view all past submissions to see what others are doing and perhaps get inspired or collaborate," he said. "The site also contains how your section is doing compared to other sections at ITD."

To submit an idea or innovation, click on the "Click to Innovate" button and complete the form. The Innovation Team meets monthly to review all new submissions and credit the corresponding sections. Following that review, submissions are published for all to see.

For McArthur, the energy being captured by the process is exciting,

"In less than a month, we have had a great response to the launch of the 'Innovate ITD!' campaign," she told the transportation board in March.

"Highways HQ leads the pack with five ideas submitted thus far, D-2 is in second place with three ideas and Administration follows with two. DMV, D-5 and D-4 all have submissions as well," she said. "We already have three 'wins' on the scoreboard with awards being received out of D-4 and Highways HQ and the successful implementation of a new cash-receiving process in D-3 that started from an idea in D-5 and was developed and adapted by the FS team at HQ."

Published 3-28-14