Board honors employees for service, retirements

The ITD board and the department’s executive team and employees honored colleagues who reached important career milestones Wednesday at the semiannual Headquarters Employee Service Awards program.

Forty employees and 17 retirees were recognized at a ceremony held during the transportation board’s March meeting. Julie DeLorenzo, District 3 board member, thanked the honored participants on behalf of the department for their service, accomplishments and the positive impacts made to communities and ITD.

“Whenever we’ve asked you to do something, your answer has always been ‘Yes.’ And we all know that the last few years haven’t been easy. There have been a lot of changes, and we’ve asked much of you,” she said. “And each and every time, you’ve stepped up to the plate, gone the extra inning, without complaint, and we know that.

 “People tell me all the time what a good job ITD is doing, or that Director Ness or the board are doing. That’s true, but it’s pretty easy to do a good job when you have a great team around you.

“You make a difference and you touch lives every day just doing your job and doing it well. Whether you’re out there on the front lines dealing with avalanches on the chairman’s ‘Highway 21’ or helping engineer the new Broadway Bridge or helping someone fill out a form for a driver’s license, you all approach it with a servant’s heart serving all the citizens of Idaho who depend on you. And it doesn’t go unnoticed by all of us on the board.”

She went on to say that there is something special about the community, or culture, at ITD not always evident at other places or departments.

“You ‘get’ what it means to live a life of contribution, to care deeply about our communities, and to care with and for one another,” she said. “And the people we are here today ‘get it’ at a deep level.”

ITD Spring 2014 Service Awards

View Service Awards Photos

Five Years
Ten Years
Mark Borkowski Enterprise Tech Services Mike Cram Internal Review
Michelle Cobler Enterprise Tech Services Debra Dopieralski Motor Vehicle Administration
Derra Kolar Aeronautics Beau Hansen Highways Automated Systems Support
Debi Lefler Driver Services Paul Hart Traffic Services
Carol Leighton Vehicle Services Marc Munch Environmental Services
Mark Neil Transportation Systems  
Darlene Reeb Vehicle Services  
Erland Sandeen Bridge Design  
Catherine Spencer Enterprise Tech Services  
Kimberly Stump Motor Vehicle Administration  
John Tomlinson Driver Services  
Marvin White Jr. Vehicle Services  
Fifteen Years
Twenty Years
Bryan Brown Financial Services Dorothy Aydelotte Roadway Data
Pamela Hocken Driver Services Jack Helton Roadway Data
Rebecca Howell Material Labs Donna Hunsinger Planning/Programs Management
Midge Kline Right of Way Services Michelle Radford Driver Services
Jennifer Miller Financial Services  
Dennis Wagner Right of Way Services  
Raymond Wong Roadway Data  
Twenty-five Years
Shannon Barnes Enterprise Tech Services  
Leo Hickman Highways Program Oversight  
Vicki Jewell Guerra Environmental Services  
Dann Mullen Enterprise Tech Services  
Tammy Schoen Aeronautics  
Thirty Years
Thirty-five Years
Jim Csencsits Motor Vehicle Administration Greg Laragan Highway Operations
Judith Helm Highway Safety  
Garth Newman Human Resources  
Amy Smith Vehicle Services  
Forty Years
Forty-five Years
Jane Baumann Vehicle Services Michael Ebright Bridge Design
Kevin Bechen 24 years
Don Bernaiche 8 years
Mary Lou Brown 36 years
Glenna Carraway 36 years
Tom Cole 32 years
Mary Harker 33 years
Steven Holland 32 years
Gregory Laragan 35 years
Wesley Murphy 11 years
Raymond Oldham 34 years
Danny Reed 11 years
Lynn Rhodes 24 years
Levi Sittser 21 years
Bryan Smith 32 years
David Thomas 8 years
Loren Thomas 34 years
Gordon Wilmoth 35 years


Published 3-21-14