Kudos for avalanche clean-up effort

More than 79,000 avalanche post viewings occurred on ITD's Facebook page in 2014. Many people commented on the avalanche efforts, particularly the work following the massive slide in early March. Here are a few:

"Wow! Thanks for your hard work! Be careful!" –- Jill Begis Christensen

"Thanks for all of the work you guys do to keep that road open for us." – Philip VanSickle

"Now that's doing double duty~! Thanks ITD." – Kelly J. Miller

"Must be the biggest one yet!!! Road crews be safe getting this one cleared." – Robin Ellis

"Impressive." – Krista Barrett

"WOW, that's a lot of snow!" – Jan Cherne

"Good work!" – Ryan Van Leuven

"Thanks for all the hard work you guys do on such blizzard conditions. We appreciate you all." – Kenny Millhouse

"WOW!!" – Craig Burgess

That's amazing!!! – Kathy Ginther

"WOW! I thought the orange was a traffic cone. The fact it's a PERSON certainly puts the magnitude of the slide into perspective." – Tammy Furey

"WOW" – Karen Bennett Wood

"Yikes! Will most definitely be praying for the clean up crew as well as their families. It's never easy when our loved ones are in danger. Know that we are thinking of you." – Joyce Parent

"Wow!!" – Dianna Lyon Duke

"Where do you even start?!" – Rebecca Howell

"Good work! "– Ryan Van Leuven

"Thanks, stay safe." – Melva Woods Turner

"Wow! Amazing what Mother Nature does. "– Kenneth Kienitz Carter

"Wow, thanks for being out there and working on it! – Megan Jones

"WOW...that is scary!!! BE SAFE PEOPLE!!!!!!!" – AA Car Transport Service

"I know this section well; ITD does a great job here." – Bob Marr

"Nature always wins. Thanks, ITD, for being such great caretakers for all of us. – Candy Troutman

"WOW" – Brenda Cutbirth-Bentley

"Sweet ..be safe." – Maria Dawn Corbit

Published 6-13-14