Work to migrate email begins Aug. 15

Migration of your email to “Exchange on-line” is almost here, with plans to make that changeover Aug. 15. If issues come up at that time, then the change will take place Aug. 22.

On the Monday following the changeover, computer-based Outlook email users will be prompted to enter their Office 365 user ID and password when they first open their Outlook programs.

Office 365 user IDs will be in the following format: Your ITD network user name with the extension Then, enter your regular network password in the password prompt. As an example of an Office 365 user name, the name John Smithson would be “”

“Once you enter your Office 365 user ID and network password, you will be connected to your cloud mailbox,” Dave Merriweather with Enterprise Technology Services explained.  “People will still use their Outlook program for email activities. Basically, the only difference managing email that anyone should notice is more storage capacity.”  

“Watch for two email messages from the Service Center, approximately a few days before the cutover,” said Merriweather. “The messages will confirm the cut-over date and provide additional roll-out information”.

For employees who also use a mobile device to access their work-related email, ETS has prepared a SharePoint page with instructions on how to connect the more popular brands of mobile devices after changeover.  The page also contains a video tutorial explaining how to reconfigure the iPhone and iPad for the new email environment.
“This will be ITD’s first big move toward the ‘Cloud,’” Merriweather said. ITD will be joining the Department of Administration in the cloud.

The move will connect ITD to the Idaho Consolidated Services email platform with 40 other state agencies. The move allows ITD to communicate better, share calendars with other agencies and provide individual users 50 gigabytes of storage rather than the 250 megabytes currently allowed. Unlimited archive space will also be allowed for users’ email files. 

Published 8-8-14