Johnson, Otto lead culture discussion

Jim Johnson and Jay Otto presided over a lively, interactive discussion with Idaho Transportation Department employees during the 2014 Leadership Summit. Otto is a research scientist and the managing director for the Center for Health and Safety Culture at Montana State University. Johnson is a national expert in assisting organizations to define their existing culture and transition to a more desirable one. Deeply involved with ITD’s cultural shift, Johnson has worked extensively with the department’s executive team and its employees in identifying its strengths and improvement points.

Together, both men conducted several live, electronic polls during the summit to gauge how ITD employees feel about culture and leadership. A handful of audience members were then asked to provide a specific example of how he or she may have reached a personal cultural goal that resulted in an improved way of conducting business at ITD. Answers varied, but the overwhelming message, was that even the smallest of adjustments can contribute to a more efficient, better department overall.

To watch the entire interactive discussion and hear more from Jim Johnson and Jay Otto, click here.  

Published 8-22-14