Above: Idaho 25 culvert in Eden. Below: Idaho 21 culvert

Mud, water overrun Idaho 21 and Idaho 25 culverts

Culverts on Idaho 21 north of Idaho City and on Idaho 25 near Eden were overwhelmed in mid-August by water, mud and other debris in the aftermath of significant rains.

On Idaho 21, approximately seven miles north of Idaho City between Rabbit Creek Road and Banks-Lowman Road, mudslide and debris closed the roadway the evening of Aug. 13. By mid-morning the following day, ITD crews reopened the route to one-lane operation during the daytime, with a pilot car to guide motorists. Idaho 21 reopened to two lanes Aug. 19, after crews cleared the culvert out which had clogged on the upstream side of the road, and completed shoulder repairs on the downhill (east) side.

Replacement of a washed-out culvert on Idaho 25 west of Eden finished Aug. 26, allowing the route to reopen following initial failure of the culvert Aug. 12. The roadway was closed between Hunt Road and the junction with Idaho 50 (mileposts 14.5 and 19.2), with access only to local traffic.

State forces removed the remains of the former pipe and saturated material after excavating the irrigation passage. Crews also installed new pipe and rebuilt and repaved the roadway. A larger, 48-inch pipe was installed to replace the old 30-inch culvert.


Published 8-29-14