ITD board appoints Gresham to Public Transportation Advisory Council

The appointment of Maureen Gresham to the Public Transportation Advisory Council (PTAC) was made during a transportation board business meeting held Aug. 21 in Stanley. Each ITD district is represented and she joins four current members. There is currently a vacancy in the north-central district (Lewiston region).

PTAC's mission is to foster public transportation for all Idahoans across the statewide transportation system by working to increase local and intercity services.

Gresham was nominated to serve on the council by the Ada County Highway District, where she currently works as ACHD's Commuteride manager, promoting a wide range of mobility options including vanpools, carpools, walking and bicycling over a six-county area.

Previously, she worked at ITD, where she established Idaho's first statewide bicycle and pedestrian advisory committee, helping to improve connections between the transportation community and transit providers, social and health industries, environmental organizations and the business community.

She also led development of Idaho's first freight study, bringing together both public- and private-sector stakeholders in developing a unified vision for improving freight movement in, out and through the state.


Published 8-29-14