GARVEE continues transforming Treasure Valley roadways

Seven months into construction on Interstate 84 in the Treasure Valley, new pavement and bridges are starting to take shape. ITD is rebuilding the Gowen, Broadway and Meridian interchanges and improving seven miles of I-84 near the interchanges.

Here is a look at what is happening in each construction zone.

West Treasure Valley

Meridian Road Interchange: ITD is replacing the Meridian Road Interchange and widening I-84 to four lanes in both directions underneath the interchange. This summer, crews have been building the west half of the bridge and westbound on- and off-ramps.

The southbound left-turn lane from Meridian Road to Overland Road is closed until next year while crews build a retaining wall and prepare to widen Meridian Road.

I-84 (Meridian to Five Mile): ITD is rebuilding the original lanes of I-84 between Meridian and Five Mile roads. The outside two lanes have not been replaced since the 1960s. ITD is using the opportunity to also improve the storm sewer and resurface the inside lanes.

I-84 is reduced to three lanes in both directions around-the-clock between Meridian and Five Mile roads. The day-and-night lane restrictions eliminate the need to set guardrail each day. It also allows trucks to deliver materials to the work zone during the day. Later this month a new crossover traffic pattern will be put in place on this stretch of interstate.

East Treasure Valley

Gowen Road Interchange: ITD is replacing the Gowen Road Interchange and widening I-84 between Broadway and Gowen. Rock blasting at the Gowen Interchange ended for the summer in mid-August. ITD removed 56,000 tons of the hard basalt rock surrounding the interchange, which is enough to bury two football fields with 15 feet of rock. The remaining blasting will be scheduled next spring after the westbound I-84 bridge is demolished.

Crews recently placed girders for the eastbound side of the new interchange bridge. At 171 feet long and 174,000 pounds each, the pre-cast concrete girders that will hold up the new Gowen interchange bridge are the longest ITD has ever used in Idaho. Click here to see video about the girder placement (link to

During the next several months, crews will continue to rebuild the bridge over Gowen Road.

Broadway Interchange: ITD is replacing the Broadway Avenue Interchange. The new east half of the interchange bridge opened to traffic in early July. Crews are constructing the west half of the bridge and the interchange ramps. Southbound Broadway Avenue is restricted to one travel lane across the interchange until next year. South of the interchange, ITD has temporarily reopened a northbound lane for the next month to help reduce traffic congestion.

Stay informed

ITD asks drivers to watch for speed-limit changes and lane restrictions in all of the construction zones. The best way to stay informed is to visit the project websites, where you can sign up for email updates.

Published 9-19-14