Zundel saves department thousands by making computer speakers optional

"Most ITD employees, 86% agree people at ITD should be constructive."
Source: ITD 2013 Constructive Culture Survey, n=474

This week, the Transporter is starting a new series highlighting examples of ITD’s Constructive Culture. This first story was shared at the ITD Leadership Summit this past summer.

The Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) department has recently changed their computer purchasing guidelines. Tyler Zundel, who manages planning and governance functions in Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) in the Division of Administration, received a concerned message regarding dozens of computer speakers being returned and thrown out every month, most of which were unused.

Taking immediate action, he asked the IT Service Center manager, Randy Bristol, about the matter and found out that other staff members had considered eliminating the speakers as well. In no more than 20 minutes, roughly 80 employees in ITD were contacted and agreed they did not want to receive speakers with new computers.

The purchasing guidelines were updated, and speakers are no longer ordered unless explicitly requested. Tyler explained that the department replaces approximately 500 PC’s annually. With speakers costing $18 each, not purchasing unwanted speakers will save ITD approximately $9,000 per year.

Tyler’s decision to act and improve the existing procedure demonstrates his desire to shape ITD within his circle of influence. Employee involvement is a hallmark of a Constructive Culture.

ITD has defined a Constructive Culture as a results-driven work environment where all employees treat each other with respect, develop themselves personally and professionally, support team efforts, and are accountable for their actions. Many efforts including leadership coaching and training are taking place to grow ITD’s Constructive Culture. If you have a story that demonstrates ITD’s Constructive Culture, please email Brenda Williams at Brenda.Williams@itd.idaho.gov .

Published 10-17-14