White and DMV team break record issuing titles in July

"Most ITD employees (81%) report their supervisor expects them to be constructive"
Source: ITD 2013 Constructive Culture Survey

This week, the Transporter continues a new series highlighting examples of ITD’s Constructive Culture. This story was shared at the ITD Leadership Summit this past summer.

Marvin White, a technical record specialist from the Division of Motor Vehicles, illustrated how combining leadership, drive and flexibility can be used to positively change workplace culture.

At the Vehicle Services Department’s monthly staff meeting, his team of 12 people discussed how to modernize and improve their current situation with titling procedures. The challenge was that title applications, due to the implementation of process changes and staff shortages, grew from a backlog of 5,000 to an overwhelming 20,000.

Staff members agreed that change was essential to increase productivity. By having the courage to admit that change was needed and a motivated team ready to excel, the improvement of productivity, processing, and morale were bound to happen. The team members themselves identified ways to improve their processes.

In July, the team issued over 71,000 titles – a record-breaking number. Not only did the department’s culture improve, the shift inspired others to do so as well.

Transparency, integrity, and approachability are three qualities that the leaders and staff members exhibited and allowed them to exceed their expectations and spread innovation and change.

ITD has defined a Constructive Culture as a results-driven work environment where all employees treat each other with respect, develop themselves personally and professionally, support team efforts, and are accountable for their actions. Many efforts including leadership coaching and training are taking place to grow ITD’s Constructive Culture. If you have a story that demonstrates ITD’s Constructive Culture, please email Brenda Williams at Brenda.Williams@itd.idaho.gov.


Published 10-31-14