ITD’s Communications collaborates with Highway Safety
to create new holiday campaign

The Office of Highway Safety is working closely with ITD’s Communications Department to create new and inventive campaigns for upcoming mobilizations – most recently the Impaired Driving Holiday Mobilization beginning Nov. 27, 2014, and ending Jan. 4, 2015.  This is a statewide mobilization that pays officers from county, city and state law-enforcement agencies to work overtime or specific hours dedicated to enforcing impaired driving.

The campaign idea “Choose your Ride” comes from the theory that many parties and activities occur over this time and that Idaho citizens, as responsible drivers, have a choice about how the evening’s transportation options will unfold. The collaborative effort involved OHS’s Impaired Driving/Interlock program manager, Mary Burke, along with Pauline Davis, Reed Hollinshead, Steve Grant and Mark Hall from the Office of Communications.

After all parties brainstormed the campaign’s theme and message, Hall (ITD videographer) took the photos used in the campaign, and Davis (ITD graphic designer) put together the billboards that will appear on the state’s roadsides during the holiday season.

“Our goal is not to discourage people from enjoying the holidays, but to keep everyone safe and alive on Idaho’s highways during this time,” said Burke. 

“With the holidays being a time of celebration and activities, our office wanted to send a message that Idaho citizens, as responsible drivers, have a ‘choice.’ With the help of the Idaho State Police and Boise Airport Taxi, we were able to put our ideas into a billboard that will be posted across the state sending our message,” she added.

Published 11-28-14