Texas-to-Idaho backcountry flyer thanks Idaho Aeronautics

Many recreational pilots consider the Johnson Creek airstrip, just beyond McCall near Yellow Pine, to be one of the crown jewels of Idaho’s stable of backcountry destinations. Count Chris McCrank among those fans.

McCrank, who flew from Austin, Texas to Johnson Creek this past summer, sent the following video link to Aeronautics Division Administrator Mike Pape. The video chronicles McCrank’s summer flying adventure in Idaho, and features not only Johnson Creek, but more than 10 other Idaho airstrips as well.
In addition to the link, he sent the following message to Pape:

“I met you last July at Johnson Creek when you came to present to the SuperCub crew.  I frequently reminisce about the experience I had this summer, traveling from Texas up to the mountains and backcountry strips of Idaho.  It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I'm thankful to you and the Idaho DOT crew for providing such great aviation resources for us.”

Published 12-05-14