Training on all-terrain vehicles is a part of the annual meeting. The ATV's are an ideal vehicle for travel in fields and application of chemicals.

Annual vegetation meeting in Idaho Falls features training, best practices

D6 hosted the annual vegetation meeting Oct. 28-30 showcasing specific industry training and attracting more than 35 attendees. The meeting featured presenters from the chemical industry (pesticide/herbicide), representatives from county, state and federal agencies and various ITD personnel.

Topicsemphasized information sharing and presentations on controlling and managing noxious weeds and invasive species, maintenance activities, current research on native plants and best-management practices. Training and presentations cover innovative applications and techniques, as well as provide pesticide updates and credits for professional applicators with licenses.

“We also discussed erosion-control strategies for ITD’s maintenance section folks who are responsible for managing and maintaining vegetation on our roadsides,” said ITD’s Roadside Programs Manager, Cathy Ford. 

The meetings predate Ford’s time at ITD, who has been with the department more than 13 years.  Ford explained that the meeting is geared toward district maintenance personnel but also includes the host district’s environmental planner, the district engineer, and other interested personnel.  

The 2015 meeting will be held next fall in D1. The specific dates and location will be decided next summer. Ford said rotating the meetings among the districts allows “a different district to showcase specific projects, points of interest and/or vegetation issues or successes.”

Published 11-28-14