Camas County recognized for zero fatalities in 2013

In a county with low population, a single fatality due to a vehicle crash can affect the community with more impact than is felt in areas of more people. In sparsely-populated Camas County, 2013 was a very good year.

As one of five counties in the state of Idaho that reported zero highway fatalities in 2013, Camas County is helping lead the charge Toward Zero Deaths in the state of Idaho. The county, along with Idaho State Police Region IV, were recognized on Monday, Dec. 15, for the efforts each played in achieving the standard.

"This is due to a very good, concerted effort between Camas County Roads Department, ITD, ISP and my office that has helped make it possible," Camas County Sheriff Dave Sanders said during the presentation.

U.S. 20 crosses the southern portion of Camas County and intersects with Idaho 46 entering from the south. The majority of roadways in Camas County are paved and unpaved county-operated roadways and many that traverse mountain and forested lands. Camas County has a population of about 1,100 residents.

"ITD is proud not only of our efforts on the major highways but of the efforts of partnering counties and communities to share in our goal of zero highway fatalities," D4 Engineer Devin Rigby said. "For this community, this is a proud achievement for everyone."

And with fingers crossed, it was shared during the presentation that there had yet to be a highway fatality in Camas County during 2014 as well.

The other Idaho counties that achieved zero fatalities in 2013 included Butte, Lewis, Madison and Teton.

Pictured above, l to r: Commissioner Ken Backstrom, Commissioner Janet Croner, Commissioner Barb McMurdo, Captain Rob Storm, Sheriff Dave Sanders, and Road Supervisor and Chairman of the North Side Transportation Committee Mike Gill.

Published 12-19-14