ITD publishes new user-friendly annual report

The Idaho Transportation Department’s goal of greater transparency and accountability took a significant step forward with release of a simplified and condensed four-page annual report of the department’s activities this year.  

Click here for a link to the annual report, in PDF format.

The new citizen-oriented format is more visually appealing. The report includes a transportation overview, department accomplishments and performance measures, financial information, revenue trends and future focus areas. The report has been submitted for a certificate of excellence by the Association of Government Accountants.

Certificates are granted to entities that prepare and distribute high-quality citizen-centric reports incorporating the program's high standards of content, visual appeal, readability, distribution and timeliness.

“The annual report reflects the accomplishments of ITD as the department pursues the goals of safety, mobility and economic opportunity for Idaho road users and taxpayers,” said ITD Director Brian W. Ness.

“It showcases ITD’s efforts to connect with and be accountable to Idaho’s citizens and leaders, to improve transparency around financial and operational performance, to continually improve in the areas of maintenance and operations, and to be innovative in our approaches. Improvements at ITD have had a direct and positive impact on the users of the transportation system.”

"Not to be overlooked, my favorite part of this report is the pictures," said Charlene McArthur, Chief Administrative Officer. "In these photos is the story of ITD’s span of regional impact throughout the state, the diversity of our services, the intensity of our challenges and the commitment of our people."

ITD’s 2014 achievements include creating the nation’s first winter-maintenance performance indicator, dramatic improvements in roadway safety, cost- and time-saving innovations and earning more awards last year from the American Association of Transportation and Highway Officials than any state in the association’s 100-year history.  

ITD’s 2014 annual report is available on the department’s website, at It is listed under Publications and the 2014 Annual Report link.

Published 12-19-14