Change in service-fee policy will help ITD put more money
toward Idaho's roads

The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) will start charging service fees to process credit card payments for motor-vehicle and driver-services transactions.

The state currently pays those fees for all transactions processed through ITD. County Driver's License and Vehicle Licensing offices already pass service fees on to the customer.

"While we never want to increase costs to Idahoans, eliminating this extra internal cost will generate additional funding for the state transportation system," said Alan Frew, ITD motor vehicle administrator.

Customers that complete vehicle and driver services transactions through ITD may avoid the fees by paying with check or cash at the time of purchase.

Employees at ITD Headquarters are prepared for the change and can answer any questions regarding the modification in policy. In addition, all motor vehicle and port-of-entry offices that handle transactions will display placards reminding customers of this change.

ITD only accepts Visa or MasterCard for credit-card payments. For customers that opt to pay the service fees, two separate charges will appear on credit-card statements – one detailing the assessed amount for services purchased and the other showing the service fee of two percent.

Published 01-09-15